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We have made a great commercial alliance with a marketplace that promises a lot and is growing exponentially day by day. The same is TOFU NFT.
RPS will only support people who have traded in this market, we will not be responsible for offers, purchases, sales, auctions, etc. that have been made in any other marketplace that is not TOFU NFT.
You can access it from here:
We have established a partnership with a growing marketplace ecosystem to enhance the experience of our users. Welcome to the TOFU NFT platform.
Moving forward, RPS will only provide support to those who have conducted trades on this platform.
You can access the TOFU NFT marketplace at
Importante: Please note that only the new version of NFTs will be traded, which will be indicated by a verified mark within the TOFU NFT platform.
I If you are a holder of older versions of our NFTs, don’t forget to redeem them in order to receive your NFTs of the New ERA at
✋ RPS League org will not be held responsible for any offers, purchases, sales, auctions, or other transactions that occur on marketplaces other than TOFU NFT.We remember that only the new version of NFT's can be traded, it will have a verified mark within TOFU NFT.