Access to RPS Leagues will be available to all players who have a team of NFTs. Registration will be once a week at a pre-specified time slot. At the end of the registration time slot, accumulated prizes will be announced for the winners.


The games will consist of 3 sets, and the winner will be determined as the best of 3 games. Each player must play a total of 5 games per day, where each game will add or subtract points according to the result, as follows:
  • Result 2 sets to 0: +3 points for the winner / -3 points for the loser.
  • Result 2 sets to 1: +2 points for the winner / -1 point for the loser.
  • Abandoned game: +3 points for the winner / -3 points for the player who left.
  • Game not played: -2 points for each daily game not played. The leaderboard will be available in real-time. At the end of the week, the winners will be reflected in the ranking.


  • Rule 1: The teams with better rarity will have an advantage. For example, if a human team and a robot team are tied on points, the team with better rarity will be in a better position in the ranking.
  • Rule 2: In case there is a tie and the teams have the same rarity, the winning team will be the one with the lowest total ID in their NFTs. The lowest ID will be that of the earliest buyers. For example, if Player A and Player B finish the week with the same score and are of the same rarity:
  • Player A's NFTs were mined on October 10.
  • Player B's NFTs were mined on November 10. Result: Player A's team will have a lower total ID, so it will be in a better position in the ranking.
Note: It is very important to play the 5 daily games, otherwise 2 points will be subtracted for each daily game not played.
RPSL commissions
  • 3,5% RPS Team
  • 2% Growth
  • 2% Treasury
  • 1% Land Owners