You are now reading the official document for the first-ever Rock, Paper, Scissors League in the Blockchain world. RPS League is an NFT game based on the famous game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Here, you can compete in weekly leagues with great prizes, try to win accumulated jackpots, play for free to win NFTs, and much more.

Our basic rules are:

  • Respect other participants.

  • Act responsibly.

  • Accept wins and losses.

  • Never stop trying.


To participate, you just need to have a wallet connected to the Binance Smart Chain.

Free modes: You can compete for free in some game modes (Free to Play) for prizes that will give you greater access to the ecosystem, prizes, and competitions.

Leagues and prizes: There are different leagues and competitions for big prizes against real players. To play some of these game modes, you will need NFTs obtained as prizes in the Free to Play or bought in the marketplace.

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