1. Temporary:

All players entering the RPS League will be given a temporary team (not NFTs) that will allow them to play various game modes for free within the platform, to earn real NFTs or enter modes enabled for this type of team. All Temporary Teams will default to the Human rarity.
All Temporary Teams will default to Human rarity.

2. Real:

These teams will be made up of NFTs housed in the player's wallet. They can be obtained through the Free to Play mode or by buying them from another user in the RPS Marketplace.


Each hand will have a specified rarity, and each team will define its level depending on:
  1. 1.
    Predominance: two or more hands of the same rarity.
  2. 2.
    Intermediate rarity: if the team is composed of three hands of different rarities, the rarity of the team will be defined by the rarity of the intermediate level.
The different rarities you can find in the chests are as follows:
  • Common: Human (55%)
  • Uncommon: Skeleton (25%)
  • Rare: Zombie (10%)
  • Legendary: Alien (8%)
  • Mythical: Robot (2%)
The rarer your team, the greater your competitive advantage in the Leagues. We explain this section in greater depth in RPS Leagues.
Hands Rarity

Pure Teams

Pure teams are those that consist of three members (rock, paper, or scissors) of the same rarity. These teams will have an additional benefit of being able to access the League of Races. You can read more about this league in its official documentation.
Pure Team